Can you be a Christian and not go to church?

Many people say many different things regarding this issue. Some say you don’t have to go to church because it is all about your personal relationship with God; others say you have to go to church because that is where you learn about God. My attempt with this blog post is to shed some clarity on this issue and see what the Bible actually says about the topic in order to address it biblically. First, if you are a Christian, it is because God has saved you from the penalty of sin, because you repented of your sins and trusted in what Jesus did on your behalf at the cross. As Christians we must believe that Jesus was born of...

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If you are the first person in the world to have your whole life figured out since you were a kid, and have it completely go your way when you reach adulthood, I don’t think we can be friends. For the rest of humanity who is like me and have gone or are going through the wandering stage of your life, welcome to the club! It is an amazing and terrifying feeling! Whether it is changing careers, finding the ministry that is meant for you, getting to know yourself, or even deciding what you want to go to school for, we all have decisions to make in the present that will affect our future. I am a very safe, by...

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