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I Am Beautiful

Beautiful: of a very high standard; excellent Beautiful. A word that many people throw around, but not many people truly believe in. It seems like it’s easier for people to call a painting, a flower, or even a building beautiful before we ever call ourselves beautiful. This can be due to many different reasons. Some think that if they truly believe they are beautiful they would be considered conceited. Others don’t believe they are beautiful because they either got used to, or believe the lies that others tell them when they say that they aren’t. I can relate. This idea of beauty was hard for me to grasp as a young child. I was a shy, quiet, and overweight kid...

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4T New Single “I Will Be”

We’ve been through so much within the last two years, especially throughout the last few months. God has been taking our ministry into a new season, an uncomfortable and scary one. God has been pushing us beyond our comfort zone. With everything that has happened, instead of backing down, we know that we must push forward. With this new single, which was inspired by our mentor and pastor, Josh Pimentel, we want inspire everyone to declare the following: “I will be bold. I will be brave. I will be fearless.”   Please feel free to share this song with all of your friends. Let us know what you think! Also, make sure to stay connected with us, as this is...

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